Why Not a Function #24: xml->map

(require '[goog.dom.xml :as xml])

(defn xml->map
  [xml element-name]
  (->> (xml/selectNodes (xml/loadXml xml) (str "//" element-name "/node()"))
    (filter #(instance? js/Element %))
    (mapcat (fn [e] [(.-tagName e) (.-textContent e)]))
    (apply hash-map)))

Parsing XML in ClojureScript doesn’t have to be difficult. It all comes down to a specific requirement at hand, but Google Closure library is here very useful. The xml->map function uses it to convert an XML element to a ClojureScript map. Each child element creates an entry in the map.

(xml->map "<basket><name>ball</name><colour>orange</colour></basket>"
=> {"colour" "orange", "name" "ball"}
Written on April 15, 2020